HGTV = Hot Guys Television

I’m really not about this. I don’t watch HGTV for the hot guys (seriously!) but when I started researching another topic I kept coming across articles about the network’s handsome men so clearly there is interest in this topic. I decided to get semi-scientific, look at all the articles, and based on those, put together a composite list of the top 10 of the most attractive men on HGTV. You’re welcome.

With the most votes…

David Bromstad



Jonathan and Drew Scott


Coming in next…

Carter Oosterhouse
Vern Yip
Chip Wade
John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino
Mike Holmes

And finally…

Chris Lambton


What do you think? Who would you put at the top of the list? My personal favorite (if I concerned myself with this) is this guy, John Gidding.




Reader Question Answered


Has anyone been on both HGTV and Food Network?

Yes! I had to dig but found a couple of examples. You’d think that with the same ownership, there would be more synergy between these two networks but I could only find a couple of examples. Let me know if I’m missing anyone.

Several HGTV designers have appeared on Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine including Taniya Nayak (Bang for your Buck, Designed to Sell) and Lynn Kegan (Designed to Sell).

Photo credit: Lynn Kegan


The Food Network’s All-Star Gingerbread Build featured stars from both networks including HGTV’s Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers) and Food Network personalities Duff Goldman (Cake Masters and Ace of Cakes) and Ron Ben-Israel (Sweet Genius and Cake Wars)

Photo credit: BusinessWire


Send your questions and I’ll try and answer them!

Weekly News and Links


HGTV has a category called “Fantasy Lifestyle” that includes shows such as Caribbean Life, Island Life, and Hawaii Life and it has ordered nearly 100 additional episodes. That’s a lot of fantasy!

In other HGTV news, the network has landed in the number one spot in cable for women for the last three weeks.

Lots of Fixer Upper news as usual:
How does the show work? Several couples share their experiences of being on the show.
Have you wondered what’s between Chip and Joanna’s legs when filming? I didn’t know this was a thing.
So many people tried booking Magnolia House that the website crashed. BTW, its $695 per night for the whole house.

More backstage info, this time from David Bromstad about ‘My Lottery Dream Home’

Lest we forget about the Property Brothers
Tour their Las Vegas home and find out how they spend their time in Vegas then read their answers to five questions about home improvement.

18 things you may not know about Flip or Flop’s Christina and Tarek.

HGTV, Booked

You’ve watched them on HGTV and now maybe you’re wondering if there are books available by them. Who from HGTV has written and published a book? Lots of people! So many that I’m going to break this post up into several parts. Below is part 1. Let me know in the comments if there is anyone in particular you’re interested in and I’ll cover them in a future post.

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott – Property Brothers



Egypt Sherrod – Property Virgins



Sandra Rinomato – Property Virgins



Carol Duvall – The Carol Duvall Show

CarolDuvall1Feb16     CarolDuvall2Feb16

CarolDuvall3Feb16     CarolDuvall4Feb16


Lara Spencer – Flea Market Flip

LaraSpencerFeb16     LaraSpencer2Feb16


Joan Steffend – Decorating Cents

JoanSteffend1Feb16     JoanSteffend2Feb16


Vern Yip – Design Star

VernYipFeb16 Photo of book not available


Jamie Durie – The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie

JamieDurie1Feb16     JamieDurie2Feb16

JamieDurie3Feb16     JamieDurie5Feb16     JamieDurie4Feb16

HGTV, Will You Accept This Rose?


Have you noticed the synergy between HGTV and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Several stars have made appearances in both places. It makes sense, both are vehicles to gain exposure and further a career. Let’s take a look at those who have crossed over.

From The Bachelor to HGTV
GoingYardJan16Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright – Going Yard
Chris, a landscape designer, was on season 6 of The Bachelorette and Peyton was on season 10 of The Bachelor. They didn’t marry the leads from their seasons but did marry each other and starred on Going Yard. Chris is also the new star of DIY’s Yard Crashers.

JillianHarrisJan16Jillian Harris – Love it or List it Too/Vancouver
Jillian, an interior designer, was on season 13 of The Bachelor then became the bachelorette for season 5 of that show. She’s now combined the design and television experiences into Love it or List it Too.


TristaRyanJan16Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter – Rocky Mountain Reno
Trista appeared on the original season of The Bachelor then also led on the first season of The Bachelorette. She met and chose Ryan on the latter show. Neither had a design career however both were hands on in the renovations the shows featured.

BobGuineyJan16Bob Guiney – Showhouse Showdown
Bob was on the first season of The Bachelorette. The same show Trista was the lead. He was then choosen as the bachelor on the fourth season of that show. He was new to television before his appearances on the Bachelor franchises but has subsequently made a career in entertainment including a hosting gig on Showhouse Showdown.
From HGTV to The Bachelor
ChrisHarrisonJan16Chris Harrison – Designers’ Challenge
In the biggest success story here, Chris is the lone example of someone who parlayed facetime on HGTV to a successful gig on a network show . Before he was the host of the Bachelor franchise shows, which have been running for 14 years now, Chris was the host of Designers’ Challenge.

JonathanScottJan16In what would have been another big success, Jonathan Scott of the Property Brothers franchise reveals that he was approached by The Bachelor about being the lead on that show. I wonder who else The Bachelor/’Ette has approached from HGTV?


TheBachelorFloatJan16Finally, while not exactly a crossover, for several years now, stars of the Bachelor shows have appeared on a float during the Rose Parade, televised by HGTV.
OK, fans of both HGTV and the Bachelor shows, did I miss anyone? Who would you like to see from HGTV on The Bachelor or Bachelorette? Who would you like to see from The Bachelor or Bachelorette on HGTV?