Nobody’s Perfect: HGTV Outtakes

The hosts on HGTV make it look easy! They’re polished, funny, and informative. The seem effortless on camera. But are they? No! Here are some fun examples of when things didn’t go quite right the first time.

LoveItorListIt2Mar16     LoveItorListIt1Mar16


PropertyBrothers2Mar16     PropertyBrothers1Mar16


How many love it and how many list it?

​This is a repost from earlier this month as I rebuild the site.

LoveItOrListItLogo - Jan16

A reader posed this question and I thought the answer would be pretty easy to find. Not so!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re not supposed to know what percentage of the time Hilary wins and what percentage David does. If we did know it would be easier to predict the outcome of each episode and remove some of the drama.

Related question, what percentage of the time has Bobby Flay been victorious on Beat Bobby Flay? It’s got to be about 95% so it’s no longer compelling because the outcome is pretty much decided before the battle begins.

Back to Love it or List It, there are also rumors that two endings are filmed, one for “Love It” and one for “List It”, then the producers decide which one to air.

In the end I did find a couple of bits of (outdated) information that point to the same conclusion – homeowners “Love It” about 60% of the time and “List It” about 40% of the time.

Does that match what you thought?

For some of the sites I looked at check here, here and here.