Where’s the G in HGTV?

As I started looking into this question, I quickly saw that it is a common topic/rant among (specifically) garden bloggers. Sure, HGTV stands for Home and Garden Television and in fact, the original name for the network was Home, Lawn, and Garden Channel but anyone who watches the network regularly knows gardening shows are long gone.

The good news is that as I put together the following list of garden shows (which I expanded to include landscaping) I discovered that many of them are available in full or part on HGTV.com, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Do you miss garden shows? Which ones would you bring back? Would you watch new garden and landscape programming?

GardeningbyYardApr16     Gardening by the Yard – Paul James
GardenersDiaryApr16     A Gardener’s Diary – Erica Glasener
GardenersJournalApr16     Gardener’s Journal – Kathy Renwald
GrowItApr16.jpg     Grow It! – Jeff Cox
RebeccaKollsApr16     Rebecca’s Garden – Rebecca Kolls

PeoplePlacesPlantsApr16     People, Places & Plants – Roger Swain and Paul Tukey
SurpriseGardenerApr16Surprise Gardener  OuterSpacesApr16Outer Spaces – Susie Coehlo
OutdoorRoomApr16     Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie
YardCrashersApr16     Yard Crashers – Chris Lambton, Matt Blashaw, Ahmed Hassan
CurbAppealApr16     Curb Appeal – John Gidding (the latest version)
GoingYard     Going Yard – Chris and Peyton Lambton
GroundBreakersApr16     Ground Breakers – Justin Cave
UrbanOutsidersApr16     Urban Outsider    CityGardenerApr16     The City Gardener – Matt James

GetOutGetWayOutApr16     Get Out, Get Way Out
LandscapersChallengeApr16     Landscapers’ Challenge

Breaking Ground – John Knox and Frances “Sisso” Doyle (no information available)