Reader Question Answered


Has anyone been on both HGTV and Food Network?

Yes! I had to dig but found a couple of examples. You’d think that with the same ownership, there would be more synergy between these two networks but I could only find a couple of examples. Let me know if I’m missing anyone.

Several HGTV designers have appeared on Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine including Taniya Nayak (Bang for your Buck, Designed to Sell) and Lynn Kegan (Designed to Sell).

Photo credit: Lynn Kegan


The Food Network’s All-Star Gingerbread Build featured stars from both networks including HGTV’s Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers) and Food Network personalities Duff Goldman (Cake Masters and Ace of Cakes) and Ron Ben-Israel (Sweet Genius and Cake Wars)

Photo credit: BusinessWire


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