Casting Analysis – What’s in the Works


Photo credit: Yurts of Hawaii


When I first started this blog all those four months ago I took a look at the types of shows for which HGTV was casting. I was interested in learning whether there were any gardening, craft, or interior design shows. The results in December 2015 looked like this:

Number of housing hunting shows – 16           Number of home-building shows – 3
Number of renovation/flipping shows – 10     Miscellaneous – 2

Figuring I’d look at this quarterly, this week I again compiled a list of shows on HGTV’s casting page. Guess what? It’s pretty much the same so no big changes in direction for the network. The list still shows a focus on renovation, house hunting, and flipping. The only show missing from the original line up is one on desperate kitchens.

What’s new on the list? We’ll they’re looking for people to appear on Love It or List It: Where are They Now, Hawaii Life, Mexico Life, and Living Alaska.

Here’s the one wild card: Are You Living in Hawaii and Thinking about Living in a Yurt? Yes, please!

I clicked on the link for the yurt show, Love Yurts (!) and discovered it’s also on the list of shows being cast for DIY Network. That got me curious so I looked at the casting page for DIY Network and did some tallying.

Number of shows that appear on both networks’ casting pages – 5
Number of shows unique to DIY Network – 5

Next question: are there any crafting, gardening, or interior designs shows for which DIY Network is casting? Yes, one – America’s Most Desperate Landscape.

This makes me wonder if there are more crafting, gardening, or interior shows in general on DIY Network. Maybe that’s where Scripps puts these shows. To be covered in a future post!

In the meantime, keep enjoying flipping, renovation, and house hunting shows. We’ll see if the trend continues in another four months.


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