Where in the world is House Hunters International?

House Hunters International has been one of my favorites on HGTV since it spun off from House Hunters in 2006. To date nearly 1200 episodes have been produced and aired!

This show lets us travel the world from the comfort of our couches and imagine what it would be like to move abroad. We can decide where we’d like to go and whether we would live among fellow expats or integrate more fully in the local culture. We can think about whether we would we go somewhere similar to where we currently live or use this as an opportunity to try something completely new.

For a while I kept notes on the episodes because I was that interested. I still am but after a while the note taking started interfering with just enjoying the show so I stopped. For this post I used those notes plus information from HGTV’s House Hunters International page to compile the following statistics.

Consider this part one of a series on my favorite show!

What cities has House Hunters International been to the most?

Credit: Sara Zollner for Home Sweet HGTV


What countries has the show been to the most?

Credit: Sara Zollner for Home Sweet HGTV


How do the numbers break down by geographic region?

Credit: Sara Zollner for Home Sweet HGTV

I wasn’t surprised by most of these numbers however I was interested to see that out of nearly 1200 shows, the number one city has only been featured 32 times!

Do these numbers match what you thought? What’s your favorite destination for the show to visit? Where hasn’t it been that you’d like to see?


2 thoughts on “Where in the world is House Hunters International?

  1. Wow, I love all the statistics! I wonder if there is a reason why some places are visited more than others, maybe work, vacation home vs permanent home, retirement, etc? Would love to hear your take on it!


  2. Thank you for writing! The main criteria for where the show films has got to be locations that are the most popular with viewers. No surprise Paris has been an enduring favorite just like it is with tourists. Other locales have been more up and down throughout the years. For example, the Netherlands and Costa Rica are on an upswing recently. You also bring up interesting points for why the people are moving there – work transfers and students (usually larger cities) vs. retirement or second home (most of the locales in Latin America).


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