HGTV, Booked – Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of books by HGTV stars! Let me know if there’s someone in particular you’re wondering about and I’ll see what I can find. Here is a link to Part 1 in case you missed it.

Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines – Fixer Upper

MagnoliaStory Due in October 2016


Brian Boitano – The Brian Boitano Project

Boitano1Mar16          Boitano2Mar16


Candice Olson – Divine Design, Candice Tells All

CandiceOlson1Mar16          CandiceOlson2Mar16         CandiceOlson3Mar16

CandiceOlson4Mar16         CandiceOlson5Mar16        CandiceOlson6Mar16


Cari Cucksey – Cash and Cari



Sarah Richardson – Sarah Sees Potential, Sarah’s House, Sarah 101

SarahRichardson1Mar16          SarahRichardson2Mar16


Kahi Lee – Design on a Dime



Vanilla Ice – The Vanilla Ice Project



Dina Manzo – Dina’s Party



Mike Holmes – Holmes on Homes






5 thoughts on “HGTV, Booked – Part 2

      1. Matt lives not far from us and I’ve met him a few times and worked with him for a speaking engagement I asked him to do in our home town. Great guy!


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