HGTV, Booked

You’ve watched them on HGTV and now maybe you’re wondering if there are books available by them. Who from HGTV has written and published a book? Lots of people! So many that I’m going to break this post up into several parts. Below is part 1. Let me know in the comments if there is anyone in particular you’re interested in and I’ll cover them in a future post.

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott – Property Brothers



Egypt Sherrod – Property Virgins



Sandra Rinomato – Property Virgins



Carol Duvall – The Carol Duvall Show

CarolDuvall1Feb16     CarolDuvall2Feb16

CarolDuvall3Feb16     CarolDuvall4Feb16


Lara Spencer – Flea Market Flip

LaraSpencerFeb16     LaraSpencer2Feb16


Joan Steffend – Decorating Cents

JoanSteffend1Feb16     JoanSteffend2Feb16


Vern Yip – Design Star

VernYipFeb16 Photo of book not available


Jamie Durie – The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie

JamieDurie1Feb16     JamieDurie2Feb16

JamieDurie3Feb16     JamieDurie5Feb16     JamieDurie4Feb16


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