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No new shows to report for week but plenty of new episodes airing in prime time. Check them out!

10:00 – House Hunters Renovation
11:00 – Log Cabin Living

8:00 and 8:30 – Beachfront Bargain Hunt
9:00 and 9:30 – Caribbean Life
10:00 and 10:30 – Island Life

9:00 – Ellen’s Design Challenge
10:30 – House Hunters International

9:00 – Fixer Upper
10:30 – House Hunters International

10:00 – House Hunters
10:30 – House Hunters International

9:00 – Flip or Flop
10:00 – House Hunters
10:30 – House Hunters International
11:00 – Five Day Flip

11:00 – My Lottery Dream House


Weekly News




Is Fixer Upper doing a crossover with the Property Brothers? Social media updates lend credence to fan request
The possibility of a Fixer Upper crossover with Property Brothers (or a Property Brothers crossover with Fixer Upper, depending on your perspective) has been gaining traction over the past few weeks, thanks to a couple of well-placed social media posts from Drew and Jonathan Scott and the fan frenzy that’s ensued.

Why is House Hunters so damn popular?
Every episode of House Hunters raises the same questions: Does this couple understand that you can just paint the walls a different color? Why are his-and-hers sinks so important? And why can’t I stop watching this show?

Q&A with John Gidding of HGTV
What’s your favorite design trend right now?
Gold- and brass-tinted metals. We were so enamored with brushed steel. Now it’s the brassy things. You see them everywhere, from door handles to cutlery.

The Highs and Lows of Flipping Houses
What’s it like to venture into real estate investing? Christina El Moussa of HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop’ reflects on how she and husband Tarek made the jump.

Sheree Whitfield Shut Down By HGTV — No Contract In The Works
Sheree Whitfield may have returned to Real Housewives of Atlanta, but it sounds like the reality star’s dreams of scoring a second reality show on HGTV have been squashed.

The 3 Things You Must Agree to Before Being Cast on Fixer Upper
Have you ever fantasized about having the talented husband-and-wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines help you transform an affordable dump in an ideal location into a styled-to-perfection vintage American dream home?

HGTV and DIY Network Add Two to Programming Team
Maggie Zeltner and Robert Wimbish have joined Scripps Networks Interactive as directors of programming for HGTV and DIY Network. In their new roles, Zeltner and Wimbish will manage series and specials for the top-performing cable nets.

Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines: Being With My Wife Joanna Is Like ‘Dating a Cyborg’
Chip and Joanna Gaines’ marriage certainly isn’t a Fixer Upper. The HGTV regulars and Fixer Upper stars recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, so Us Weekly decided to put the rock-solid couple to the test.

What is shiplap?

Hooked on Houses

Thanks to Fixer Upper, shiplap has become a household word and the new, have to have it building material to recreate the Waco look. It can add texture and visual interest to a plain wall and help create a warm, rustic look.

But what is it exactly, where did it come from, and how can we create the look?

According to Wikipedia, “Shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly in the construction of barns, sheds, outbuildings and inexpensive or seasonal homes.”

The key is the rabbets which cause the boards to overlap and create the characteristic shadow line effect.

On the Magnolia website, Joanna Gaines says it’s not hard to recreate the look using tongue and groove paneling. Make sure to use a spacer to create the gap between the boards.

For step by step instructions see this tutorial on Hooked on Houses.

How many love it and how many list it?

​This is a repost from earlier this month as I rebuild the site.

LoveItOrListItLogo - Jan16

A reader posed this question and I thought the answer would be pretty easy to find. Not so!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re not supposed to know what percentage of the time Hilary wins and what percentage David does. If we did know it would be easier to predict the outcome of each episode and remove some of the drama.

Related question, what percentage of the time has Bobby Flay been victorious on Beat Bobby Flay? It’s got to be about 95% so it’s no longer compelling because the outcome is pretty much decided before the battle begins.

Back to Love it or List It, there are also rumors that two endings are filmed, one for “Love It” and one for “List It”, then the producers decide which one to air.

In the end I did find a couple of bits of (outdated) information that point to the same conclusion – homeowners “Love It” about 60% of the time and “List It” about 40% of the time.

Does that match what you thought?

For some of the sites I looked at check here, here and here.

HGTV – Back in the Day

This is a repost from earlier this month as I rebuild the site.


What shows aired the first year of HGTV’s existence? I started digging around and discovered that the channel debuted in December of 1994 so it was a short first year. According to Wikipedia, it’s original name was Home, Lawn, and Garden Channel and its “major programming themes, unchanged since the beginning, were home building and remodeling, landscaping and gardening, decorating and design, and crafts and hobbies.”

OK, but what were some of the original shows? Thanks to IMDB.com I present the following list and whether or not it made an impression on me 21 years ago as an original viewer.

Room by Room. One of the few on this list I remember. Matt Fox and Shari Hiller, not married, not a couple, decorated rooms. She designed, he did some construction. They’re still working together – see www.mattandshari.com

Company of Animals. Hmm. Don’t remember this one. It starred Marissa Morris and centered on helping people find the perfect pet. HGTV covered pets? Looks like it later aired on DIY Network.

Awesome Interiors. I’ll need more information. Starred Jennifer Convy (daughter of TV’s Bert Convy – getting too obscure?) and Bruce Gray. According to www.jenniferconvy.com, the show ran for 10 years on HGTV! Really?

Breaking Ground. This one sounds slightly familiar. More research uncovers that it focused on landscaping design and construction and starred John Knox and Frances “Sisso” Doyle. More information didn’t help. Don’t remember this one.

Homes Across America. ??? An early House Hunters? Starred Joe Ruggiero whose name is familiar but this show is not coming back to me. It celebrated fine homes across the US and focused on design details. Nope, don’t know it and it is pre-House Hunters – back when there were more decorating and less real estate shows.

Kitty Bartholomew: You’re Home. I remember this one. Who could forget Kitty Bartholomew and her streaks of gray hair? Another design show. So far we’re 4/6 for design shows on this list.

Rooms for Improvement. Another familiar sounding show. Another show with Joe Ruggiero! He was 1994’s Property Brothers – on every show! Another design show (that’s 5/6). Costarred Leslie Uggams. Don’t think I ever saw this one. Wondering about Joe Ruggiero, see www.joeruggiero.com

The Carol Duvall Show. I remember this one! I wish it or something like it was still on. I miss the craft shows (my favorite was That’s Clever/Crafters Coast to Coast – HGTV, please bring this one back!). It included how-to information on making crafts from expert and celebrities and aired for around 10 years on HGTV then another 5 on the DIY Network.

Which were your favorites of the original shows and stars? Any you wish HGTV would bring back?

What Happened to the Interior Design Shows?

This is a repost from December as I rebuild the site.

Do you miss shows like Design on a Dime or Divine Design? I do. Are there any design shows on HGTV? I’m having trouble thinking of any. A look at the 28 shows for which HGVT is currently casting on its website confirms this trend away from design shows and firmly entrenches its scheduling line up in the worlds of real estate and renovation. Here’s the breakdown:

Number of housing hunting shows – 16
Number of renovation shows – 10
Number of home-building shows – 3
Miscellaneous – 2
(overlap is due to shows that feature both house hunting and renovation)

What’s New Next Week

Sunday at 12 Noon
Home Town
Erin and Ben Napier love their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, especially the old historical houses. Using found materials and old textiles; they’re keeping the character of these classic homes, but giving them modern and affordable updates.

Photo – HGTV

Tuesday at 1 pm
Wise Buys
Contractor Chip Wade and his realtor wife, Pauli, are using their expert knowledge to help other couples learn the ins and outs of home buying and renovation. In each episode, Pauli will choose 3-4 houses that fit the criteria of their clients but will also showcase great strategies for getting an excellent deal.

Friday at 6:30 am
Move In or Cash Out
Hot shot house flippers Michael and Charles Holmes are sharing their skills with house hunting Atlanta couples who want it all, but have a tight budget. Together, they hunt for houses in their price range, and then throw down an amazing renovation, transforming it to their ultimate dream house. Once it’s perfect, they do the unthinkable, they put it right back on the market, leaving the couple with the decision to Move In or Cash Out.